Jinn Catching Services

Jinn Catching services

What is Jinn Catching?

Jinn Catching is a process where we ask Allah to bring the jinns that are disturbing the patient due to magic, evil eye and jelousy to us and break their attachment’s to the patient freeing them and relieving the patient from them by reciting verses from the Holy Quran & supplications from the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). This process is very effective in treating difficult cases as it removes the djinn that are causing problems within their lives.

Jinn Catching removes the main jinns that have made agreements with the magicians. It destroys the sacrifices & pacts that have been made for the jinns for them to do what the magician wants them to do. It also breaks the magic and evil eye alowwing the patient to recover faster.

What are Jinn?

Jinn are a creation of Allah which co exist among us in our world. They are made from smokeless fire as mentioned in the Holy Quran: [55.15] And He created the jinn from a smokeless flame of fire.

There are good jinn and evil jinn just like human beings, they have families different religions and live like us except that Allah has hidden them from us so we can not see them while they can see us. They are able to shape shift into different formations & can appear as animals, human, angels and any living thing. They like humans have different personalities some are funny some serious some powerful in their own world and others weak. They also have doctors and other professionals among them. 

Good Jinns vs Bad jinns.

As we mentioned there are good jinns and bad jinns like human beings. Good jinns do not interfere in human lives whether muslim or not they live within their own circles of jinns. Many healers who claim they have pious jinns under their command who help them are liars as good jinn do not get involved in human affairs. Bad jinn’s which are also known as devils are those who work and live to destroy the humankind. They are masters at affecting the mind and influencing the human being as they have the ability to whisper thoughts to us that change our emotions and ultimately change the direction of our lives. Their power comes from sacrifices, blood, evil eye jealousy, hatred and magic.  

How jinns affect us?

The jinn interfere in our lives for a number of reasons. 

  1. Occult – Doing any kind of act such as magic whether its reading something or carrying out acts which involve magic on any level will open doors to the jinn world allowing them to enter the persons life and torment them how they seem fit. This is the most dangerous and common way the jinn are harming us while many do not know that they are a part of this.
  2. Magic – Magic done on a patient allows the jinn to enter the patients body and life. The most common type of magic that gives access to the jinn is the type that is mixed into the patients food or drink. Once the patient has eaten the magic the jinns are able to enter with ease.
  3. Evil Eye – Evil eye is a deadly negative force that is projected through jealousy on by a jealous person. This energy is very destructive and can cause the victim to even die. The evil eye protects the jinn and they use it to destroy whatever the evil eye was made upon.
  4. Harming Jinn By Mistake – Some things we 
  5. Trauma – Trauma of any kind is also another way the jinns enter inside a patient. Negative emotions create openings which allow them to enter and harm us mentally such as fear, dispair, anger, emptiness, guilt, sadness and others. These type of emotions will have a direct impact on the patients health creating many illnesses that doctors will put down to stress.
  6. Major Sins – Major sins which include adulteration, intoxication, pornography, gambling and others make a persons spiritual guard drop which allows the jinn to enter and harm the person

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Jinn Catching Session


Jinn catching services

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