Signs of a magician

Signs of a magicians

Please note there is no noori ilm the only noor and light is the Holy Quran. So do not be fooled by the beard, long kurta or the big tasbeeh. Kindly use the following points to recognize a magician without looking at the exterior. Also at the bottom of the page learn how to kill a magician.

1- If the healer asks for the names of the patient`s mother or father, where he lives or if he reads the lines on your hand and tells you things about your life which no one knows he is a magician. 

Says he treats with the quran but you do not hear him recite the quran or he recites things which are not understandable.

2- Asking for a patient’s trace such as his hair, or a piece of his clothes, or his picture, and the like this is the same method the magician uses to do magic on a person. 

3- Claims he can do istikhara for you and your problem will be solved in a certain time period e.g half hour, 1 day etc.

4- Gives different amulets (taweez), written on them numbers, letters, shapes, boxes, unknown words and names of jinn like Kashmahir and Hamshush, Quranic verses with missing parts or letters that could also be written upside down or include drawings of snakes and scorpions, especially what is called ”The Seven Solomon Testaments” to hang on your wall or around your neck this is purely magic. 

5- Says he has muslim jinn and angels who help him.

6- Blowing into the water or other with unknown word and signs.

7- Using thread and rope knots on which they blow strange words. 

8-Using frankincense to call for the devils or hearing strange sounds such as bird wings or knocking.

9- Dirtiness of the place used by the magician who is generally filthy himself.

10- Retreating to a dark room to talk with the devils that help him with his evil doings. 

11- Asking for blaspheme acts such as slaughtering black chicken, sheep, owls these are sacrifices made to the shayateen for them to carry out their work with is totally haram.

12-Privacy with women regardless of any religious laws or morals, and which might lead to adultery, God Forbid. 

13- Asking for acts that the prophet (PBUH) has forbidden such as cutting of the Sidr tree or killing the hoopoe or the frog.

14- Using a pot or container for the amulets and blaspheme sayings and also seeking the help of jinn and devils whom they claim aid them in undoing the kala ilm. They also claim that there are servants for the Samadeya and Ahdeya and similar claims of the false Sufism.

15- Doing strange acts such as using the rope measurement for diagnostics or used worn clothes.

16- Using dirtiness such as urine and menstruation blood and give it to men or women in the form of food or drink, or writing verses from the Quran on such dirty substances. 

17- They advise patients to seclude for a certain period of time in a room into which no sun enters.

18- They ask patients not to touch the water for a period that could last for 40 days. or to place taweez in different places for e.g shop house graveyard etc.

19- They ask the patient to bury some things in the ground, or sprinkle certain liquids, or place rotten egg on the threshold of doors. Burn chillies. 

20- They might give the patient some papers to burn and to incense with it.

21- He could write unclear words on paper and ask the patient to dissolve it in water and then drink it.

If you find any of the above points in the person he is a magician and by getting treatment with him will only bring more pain and trouble as Allah says in Surah Ta ha 

And throw what is in your right hand, and it will devour what they have concocted. What they have concocted is but a sleight of a magician. And the magician does not succeed wherever he comes from. Ayat 69 [20:69]

To kill a magician:

We ask Allah to guide us and protect us from straying onto the wrong path. If you are being attacked by a magician or someone who is going to a magician again and again to destroy you please follow the advise below:

Read ayat 148 surah bakarah and ask Allah to bring the magician into your dream so you can kill him. When he appears attack him and kill him or her. You may need to do this a few times untill Allah brings him into your dreams.

Read 11 rakats nafl so 2x2x2x2x3 rakats nafl and read the dua from surat Aazaab Ayat 68  100 times in each rakat after surah fatia. Place water bottles infront of yourself, black seed oil and incense sticks or bakhor after every 2 rakat blow into the water oil and bkhoor.  In total you will read 1100 times begging Allah to destroy the magician or accomplice. Bath and drink the water and rub the oil over your body.

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